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This Van is on FIRE!


On 03/16/22 approximately 00:22, while monitoring the cameras for one of our local apartment communities, Sophie, a member of the DMPS Security Operation Center, observed a suspicious individual wandering the upper level of the parking structure. After noticing that the individual appeared to up to something, Sophie immediately dispatched a Patrol Specialist to the area to investigate what was going on. While the Specialist was en-route, Sophie continued to monitor the individual, when a vehicle that the suspect was looking in suddenly burst into flames. She immediately contacted the fire department to have personnel respond to the scene as well as updated our Patrol Specialists who was minutes from the scene so that he could ensure the safety of anyone in the area, as well as gather information to provide the client management. As first responders were arriving, Sophie began researching the video footage to document each step from when the suspect first appeared on screen to when the fire was started. She detailed each phase in the situation, from the time the person came into view of the camera, approached the vehicle, the fire started, and when the subject left the view of the camera, and Sophie then called the fire department back and provided them the best description possible of the subject, all the timelines for the incident, and answered their questions regarding other cameras that may have captured something.

The information that Sophie provided has been paramount to the law enforcement and fire department investigators at this early stage of the investigation. If a subject is questioned, the investigators have the timeline to compare with the subject's statement to help determine if they are/are not the person involved.

Great job, Sophie!


Camera Monitoring can help maximize your security services on site. Sometimes situations happen, but if you have a fast, responsive and alert team watching your property, we can help save lives, save property for you and your residents/staff and have evidence to help protect your facility. Turn your reactive cameras into a powerful, proactive tool!

To find out more information on camera monitoring and to set up a free quote call: 720.739.2100 or click the link below:

To see the whole situation watch the video below.

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