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Our VIP Protective Detail Professionals discretely and meticulously serve to protect those who may face a threat from any number of sources.  Each member of our protective teams has only the most utmost capabilities, training and experience necessary to effectively guard their client and keep them out of harm's way.


Whether for a celebrity, a political, social or religious high-level individual, a person of wealth, or for any other reason which a person might need personal protection, our Protective Detail Professionals have undergone extensive schooling in order to provide their services, and possess many years of experience in providing close-quarter protection.  In today's times of dangerous individuals, taking care of one's personal safety and security has never been more crucial.  Let our experts show you the unique protection services that you deserve!

vip protective details / bodyguards

Denver VIP Protection Services
  • Discrete Protection Services

  • Celebrity Protective Details

  • Political / High-Value Security

  • Valuable Item Transport Services

  • Local, National & International Reach

  • Prior Military and Law Enforcement

  • Professionally Trained & Accredited

  • Luxury Vehicle Coverage

  • Short- and Long-Term Services

Denver Bodyguard Services
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