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Denver Strike Security Services
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Because we at Denver Metro Protective Services realize that not every client is the same and tailor our services accordingly, there are times when customers are seeking out something more than the typical.  It is for this reason that we have our Special Operations Division.  


While all of our employees are highly-trained and exceptionally well-prepared to handle the varying needs of our customers, we have many occasions when special circumstances require an even higher level of service.  Often this can be for a business who has terminated an employee, and they fear that there may be some form of retaliation, or perhaps a company is experiencing a workforce strike or protest. Whatever the situation, we have the training, the experience and the capability to professionally handle your security needs.  


Our Special Operations Division consists only of those employees with either a POST (police academy) certification, such as current off-duty police officers, retired or semi-retired law enforcement personnel, specially-trained former military members (special forces or other similar experience), or other advanced and similarly prepared employees who have been able to demonstrate a superior capability to deal with extraordinary circumstances.


The members of our Special Operations Division all provide training courses to the rest of our security professionals, and help prepare them to be the best prepared as possible when a situation may arise.  In addition, our Special Operations Division (SOD) continue to seek out new training opportunities for themselves to continually improve their own capabilities and education.


So, if you are in need of a higher standard of excellence, let us surpass those expectations.

special operations division

  • Disgruntled / Terminated Employee 

  • Employee / Union Strike Monitors

  • Threats Made Against Others

  • High-Risk Activity (Drug, Gang Issues, etc)

  • High Security Government Facilities

  • Large-Scale Event Security

  • Valuables / ATM Service Escorts

  • High-Profile VIP Protective Details

Denver Special Operations Security Services
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