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Denver Investigation Services
Denver Private Investigations



If you are in need of any form of investigative services, we utilize cutting-edge techniques to perform our surveillance and investigative services.  Whether for background checks on potential employees or tenants, workers compensation fraud, skip tracing, or for any other reason, investigators come with years of experience in the law enforcement field from various areas, and are superbly prepared to perform the most meticulous and thorough case possible, utilizing only the most advanced methods available.


When you select Denver Metro Protective Services for your investigative needs, rest assured that we will perform our services discretely and professionally, and with the same passion and seriousness that we do with every other service that we offer.


  • General Investigations

  • Missing Persons Cases

  • Skip Tracing

  • Background Investigations

  • Security Consultations

  • Service of Documents

  • Corporate Investigations

  • Surveillance Services

  • Asset Search

  • Workers Compensation Fraud

  • Pre-Trial Investigations

  • Court Expert Witness

  • Child Custody / Divorce

investigation services

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