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Denver Loss Prevention Security
Undercover Security Services



According to the Global Retail Theft Barometer Survey, American retailers lose more than $37 BILLION each year!  At Denver Metro Protective Services, we have developed very unique and specialized techniques to not only protect our clients from loss, but also to help recoup some of the amounts lost to sticky fingers.  We will work together in order to provide the best solution for your establishment and to help your bottom line.


We can provide a uniformed, highly-visible security presence to help deter potential criminals from preying your business, or undercover loss prevention agents who specialize in catching those who believe that there is such a thing as a free meal, and, through our technology-based programs, we can help ensure that repeat offenders are a thing of the past for your business.

loss prevention

  • Highly-Visible Uniformed Officers

  • Undercover Loss Prevention Agents

  • Technology-Based Procedures

  • Restitution Programs

  • Remote Video Monitoring

Retail Theft Protection
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