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There are many challenges that face the medical/retail dispensary industry.  From properly tracking and monitoring product, to attempting to ensure that employees theft does not occur, to making sure that those patrons who enter their facilities are of proper age, a simple mistake could potentially cost the business thousands of dollars.  


By partnering with Denver Metro Protective Services, we can work together to create a full security solution, from securing your grow operations, to transporting the product to your retail location, to protecting your customers and employees in the storefront, to doing everything possible to minimize loss from employee theft, and up to remotely monitoring the surveillance cameras within your facilities and transporting and/or storing your hard-earned cash.  At Denver Metro Protective Services, we will give you the comfort of knowing that  everything possible is being done to properly and safely thrive in the industry.

dispensary security solutions

Denver Dispensary Security Services
  • Warehouse Grow Operation Security

  • Retail Armed / Unarmed Security

  • Remote Video Monitoring

  • Valuable Transport (Monetary & Product)

  • Valuable Vault Storage Capabilities



  • Alarm Response Services

  • Short-Term or Long-Term Capabilities

  • Complete Turn-Key Security Solutions

  • Professional & Courteous Staff

  • 24-Hour Services Available

Remote Video Monitoring
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