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Government Services

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Did you know? Denver Metro Protective Services currently provides thousands of hours per week to numerous government agencies throughout the entire state! Our Security Specialists serve as bailiffs, controlled-entry guards (both armed and unarmed), perform K9 Detection Services at government facilities all over Colorado, transport inmates from one end of the state to the other for both municipalities as well as with the State and monitor cameras remotely from our Security Operations Center for several state buildings and properties!

A public-private partnership in areas such as the security industry are crucial to maintaining safe government facilities, and Denver Metro Protective Services has been a partner with state agencies, counties and municipalities all over Colorado for nearly a decade! When you work with DMPS as your security provider, you should know that you have selected the most proactive and professional provider in the industry. Through our extensive training programs and specializations, every client benefits because of the sheer amount of effort we put into each one of our employees!

K9 Detection Services:

At Denver Metro Protective Services, we have our own in-house, company-owned Canine Detection Division with working dogs certified through the National Police Canine Association in both explosives as well as drugs. Our handler teams undergo an extensive full-time six-week training academy where they are taught to properly read their partner's actions, perform thorough searches as well as bonding with their animal to create a strong working team.

Once each handler team is certified, they continue to train weekly to strengthen their bond, maintain abilities as well as work along with our other handler teams. Our handler teams are able to work for small-to-large scale venues or events, schools or private businesses as well as government facilities or transportation/distribution hubs in both the explosives as well as narcotic specialties.

  • Pre-Event Detection Services

  • Venue Entry Scent Screening

  • Nationally-Certified Canines and Handlers

  • Regional Coverage Capabilities

  • Discrete and Non-Aggressive Services

  • Canines Trained for Social Interactions

  • Drug Detection Services (Including Marijuana)

Prisoner Transport Services

At Denver Metro Protective Services, we have our own in-house, prisoner transport team. Our transport teams undergo an extensive training, and specialized duties where they are taught to properly transport inmates for a variety of purposes. Our transporters can take prisoners to medical appointments, transfer facilities, to attend court, and other transportation needs, while maintaining legal custody over the individual, thus opening up the staff of those jurisdictions to handle other issues. Nearly every day of the week, our Transport Specialists are hard at work throughout the state moving inmates for municipalities and state agencies alike!

Courthouse & Bailiff Security

At courthouses throughout the state, Denver Metro Protective Services has highly trained and professional Security Specialists providing screening services, general security and courtroom bailiff services. Our personnel assigned to these locations work closely with court staff and law enforcement nearly every day to ensure the overall safety of all.

Armed and Unarmed Security Services

The "meat and potatoes" of any security organization, we provide both armed and unarmed Security Specialists at government facilities throughout the state. Each day, our employees work dutifully to provide access control, issue visitor badges, check parking structures, escort individuals and provide a wide array of security services to city, county and state offices with a professional, friendly attitude.

Remote Camera Monitoring

From our Security Operations Center, our Dispatch Operators are monitoring thousands of security cameras from around the state, including both residential, commercial and government clients. Turning a "reactive" tool into something that is "proactive", our Dispatch Operators look for suspicious activity or situations and the take appropriate action as well as completely document all activity noted.

To find out more information on camera monitoring and to set up a free quote call: 720.739.2100.

Security Technologies

Through our technology arm, Aquila Security and Alarms, Denver Metro Protective Services is able to sell, install, maintain and monitor nearly any security-related technology. From the most current security camera systems that include analytics, geofencing and motion tracking, to access control systems that can be controlled through a smartphone to a security alarm system that is locally monitored, we can provide the technologies that make a difference.

To find out more information on any of our Aquila Security and Alarm technology services or products and to set up a free quote call: 720.739.2100.

To find out more about our services check out our home page or call or email directly us today!

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