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Protecting Property

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Recently at one of our commercial clients, our Security Specialist who was assigned to the site arrived for his shift that morning, and within minutes of signing on, was notified by our Security Operations Center of a call just received from a janitor at the facility who was reporting that a male transient had broken into the building and was asleep in the lobby area.

Our Security Specialist immediately went to the lobby area of the building and quickly located the trespasser as described. After making contact with the gentleman, he was detained for vandalism as well as trespassing. While in constant contact with our Security Specialist for safety purposes, our Security Operations Center notified the Aurora Police Department regarding the situation, who soon after arrived and took custody of the individual.

Due to the quick and effective actions of both our Security Operations Center as well as the Security Specialist assigned to the site, the client was able to minimize the damage to their property and can swiftly fix their facility to protect it in the future. They were appreciative of our Specialist's efforts to help protect the property.

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