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A Guard Service You Can Trust

We often hear about guard services not trying to earn the trust of the communities that they are serving, but here at Denver Metro Protective Services, its all about helping those on the properties, and being a trustworthy protector. Whether it is helping people move a couch, or protecting the people on your property, we at DMPS know its all about serving you and your communities.

"High Five"

One of the customers of a store we service had lost his credit card in the store. Our guard found it, and chased down the owner of the card in the parking lot to give it back to him. He called us and told us, that he was "very grateful and thankful that we hire honest guards." He also stated that if he ever needed security work. he would certainly use us and to keep hiring people like our guard. He told us to give our guard a "High Five".

- Customer

"Me and Maisy"

I want to be able to share how much he (our guard) impacted my life. He truly was a pleasure to see almost every night for two years. I made it a point to come down every night when he’d first get there so Maisy (my Pyrenees) could see him since she was 9 weeks old. And the reason we came at the exact time every night is because he was so active and always on the move making sure our complex was safe.

- Resident

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