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K9 Detection Services

At Denver Metro Protective Services, we have our own in-house, company-owned Canine Detection Division with working dogs certified through the National Police Canine Association in both explosives as well as drugs.  Our handler teams undergo an extensive full-time six-week training academy where they are taught to properly read their partner's actions, perform thorough searches as well as bonding with their animal to create a strong working team.

Once each handler team is certified, they continue to train weekly to strengthen their bond, maintain abilities as well as work along with our other handler teams.  Our handler teams are able to work for small-to-large scale venues or events, schools or private businesses as well as government facilities or transportation/distribution hubs in both the explosives as well as narcotic specialties.

Drug Detection Canine Services
  • Pre-Event Detection Services

  • Venue Entry Scent Screening

  • Nationally-Certified Canines and Handlers

  • Regional Coverage Capabilities

  • Discrete and Non-Aggressive Services

  • Canines Trained for Social Interactions

  • Drug Detection Services (Including Marijuana)

Explosives Detection Canine Services
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