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providing professional and dedicated denver security guard and patrol services... throughout the rocky mountain areas


Through innovation, technology and service, we strive not just to improve our own company, but the industry as a whole.  At Denver Metro Protective Services, we are constantly seeking out new ways to improve our abilities and better serve our clients.  We believe that challenges exist only to make us stronger and look forward to working with you to discover and conquer those challenges that each unique client possesses.  Our pride and passion for what we do is demonstrated in every aspect of our company and helps show why at Denver Metro Protective Services, security is more than just a feeling.



In providing our Denver security services, we have found that every client has different needs, and there should never be a "one option fits all" solution for those needs.  Unfortunately in our industry, for too long that style of security services has been the case... until now.  We sit down with each client and determine exactly what needs they have and work together to find the best solution.  And through our expertise, along with the client's expectations, we present a professional, proactive and innovative approach to meet and exceed each specific need.






Using Denver Metro Protective Services has been the best experience I have every had with a vendor. Period. Every single staff member that I have worked with has been simply incredible.  Kudos to you and your team!"

     - Ben J. / VP Operations, National Retail Company

I have used more security companies than I can think of in the past 17 years as a property manager and I can honestly say that I have never been happier than now that we have been using Denver Metro Protective Services for this past 12 months. Thank you for treating us as if we were your only client."

     - Jennifer H. / Regional Property Manager

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