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Imagine not having to receive daily complaints from tenants that reside in areas around your community pools regarding late night parties and trespassers.  Imagine where as soon as someone attempts to jump your pool fence that they are immediately advised of the area being closed and then having someone come out and make sure everything is clear and quiet.  Well stop wishing that you could just go out and fill in your pool with concrete and imagine no more!

Utilizing our powerful Remote Camera Monitoring Services in connection with our nightly Patrol Services, we have created an extremely effective solution to your overnight community pool problems.  Our 24/7 Camera Monitor Operators receive immediate and live views of the cameras on your swimming pool and notify our Patrol Specialists to quickly respond to your property to take care of the trespassing individuals.  We can additionally install live audio to your system that notifies the individuals in the swimming or other areas of your property that they are being monitored and need to depart from the area.

Do you not have a camera system currently in place? No problem!  We can assist you with low cost, high quality equipment already!

Already have a camera system but not sure if it will work for us? No problem!  We have expert technicians who can provide you a no-cost estimate to ensure that your equipment will function correctly on our system!

Do you have other cameras throughout your community that need monitoring (clubhouse, parking areas, etc?)  We can help you there as well!  Give us a call and let us show you how inexpensive and effective this solution is and make your summer a whole lot more enjoyable!

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Apartment complex with beautiful swiming

Don't Let Your Community Pool be Your Summer Headache!

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