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Be Aware of "Puffing"

With March being the snowiest month of the year in Denver, it is important to remain safe and vigilant while battling the cold. One of the biggest concerns this time of year is “Puffing”. What is puffing you ask…

What is "Puffing"

"Puffing" is a term describing leaving a car to warm up attended. It can be tempting for people when extra time is necessary to defrost windshields or scrape off ice. "Puffers" are easy targets for thieves.

Encourage Vigilance

The Colorado Auto Theft Intelligence Coordination Center (ATICC) reports that there were 20,230 vehicles stolen across the state in 2019. Puffer cars contribute to Colorado’s auto theft problem, and they are often involved in subsequent crimes, such as armed robbery, identity theft, home invasion and drug-related offenses. Leaving a car running unattended can result in a domino effect that contributes to the rise in Colorado’s crime rate and puts the community at risk.

While auto theft is a year-round problem, it typically spikes in cold weather months when drivers are more likely to leave their cars idling unattended to warm up. Investigators hear a common narrative when interviewing victims of puffer theft. “‘I just went in to get some coffee.’ ‘I just ran back into the house to get my bag.’ ‘I just left my car for a second.’

Warm up your car the right way. Don’t leave it running unattended.

Encourage your staff, residence, and others you come into contact with this snowy March to not leave their cars unattended while warming up. The temptation is real but all it takes is seconds for people to steal your car.

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