• Brandon Aquila

Guards Saving Lives

Not only do security guards monitor the property and people on the property, but they respond to emergencies as well. One of our guards recently helped to save the life of a resident…

One of our guards was stationed at a retirement/hospice community. It was any normal shift doing his rounds, helping those on site, and staying vigilant to protect the community. When all of the sudden an patient alert signaled an emergency. The guard being trained immediately reacted. They responded to the room and provided basic life support to the resident. They quickly called for support via 911, and stayed with the patient until more advanced medical help arrived. This is just one of many examples how our guards can help your property. The guard was not only thanked via the client, but they informed us how appreciative they were for their quick response and rapid aid that was applied. Additionally the residents were incredibly thankful to have guards who react fast and can help those in need.

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